Looking ahead

The fundamental characteristics of the markets haven’t changed even during the current challenging times. They have followed the principles on which they have always worked on. As individual investors, while we are struggling to envision a life after the pandemic, it is understandably difficult to look beyond purely emotional reasons for making investment decisions. To … Read more

Investments during the crisis

Today, on the 27th of March 2020, as we enter a critical phase of mankind’s deepest crisis, stock markets over the world reflect the uncertainties. Fact is, stock markets never like uncertainties and this time around it is uncertainty personified. As investors, we wonder what we should be doing about our investments – buy, sell, … Read more

Think smart, think differently

Rich is a relative term, hence, by definition, very few people can be rich! The most popular money-making ideas and methods may not work after all… Investing in stock markets is a proven avenue to get wealthy, but there is a huge variation in results. One individual, just by investing in stock markets became the … Read more

Markets – Even better times ahead

Markets are making all time highs nearly every other day and the pace of the rise is creating fears of an impending sharp fall. Our analysis shows that there is much more upside to come and the sharp correction may not happen altogether The market movements today should be viewed with the perspective of the … Read more

Be optimistic, be wealthy

Our Equity markets, represented by the Sensex, have risen more than 300 times from 1979 @ 16% per annum CAGR. Future economic growth projections by analysts within India and across the world put India amongst the fastest growing economies in the world. Our markets will again provide opportunities for multiplying wealth another 200-300 times or … Read more

Equity Investing – Avoiding a large loss

It is my firm belief that the key to building long term wealth is to never incur a large loss. The good news is that by following a few thumb-rules we can insulate our investments portfolio from any big jolt A large loss sets you back by years’ worth of savings and earnings, and recovering … Read more

Equity investments – Lazy is the best strategy

The best advice that I ever got for my investments was to “leave it alone”. I remember I didn’t want to follow that advice initially and when a big international event happened, and the markets went into a downward spiral, I wanted to liquidate all my Equity Mutual Funds. I wanted to sit out through … Read more