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Hi! I’m Deepak Mullick, an investment professional and author of

Gain your Financial Freedom with The 1% formula

Financial liberation excites me. I love how people are able to live a life of abundance once they set their money worries aside. And so, I made wealth-building a career.
I learned to tame the volatility of equity markets and to invest in a way that sustains people’s lifestyle choices while building their corpus of funds. This learning led to my passion project SimplyMutual. SimplyMutual is an idea and a philosophy that took shape as my book. It promotes the idea of an early retirement based on systematic and disciplined investing through the 1% formula. I have spent over 25 years in the financial sector learning the ropes from some of the best minds in the industry.
To find out the optimal route to wealth-building, I worked with several financial planners, attended many workshops, and deep-dived into the subject of financial and investment planning. After considering all asset classes – real estate, gold, debt, equity, foreign equity, etc. from the lens of factors such as – returns adjusting for risks, returns adjusting for inflation and taxes, liquidity, volatility, convenience, costs of investing, etc. I realized that Equity Mutual Funds is where the opportunity lies.

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