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Start equity investing with the 1% formula to build wealth and live the life of your dreams.

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Live the life of your dreams

Retire in your 40s with the 1% formula for financial freedom and get set to follow your passion!

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Gain your Financial Freedom with The 1% formula

Your key to wealth building, financial freedom, and living the life you always wanted - without stress and overwhelm!

The book tackles the idea of wealth building from the very core of your psyche.

It helps you understand your relationship with money and the beliefs and emotions that might be holding you back.

It helps you look at money in a new light, shattering old ideas and making way for new ones that serve you.

It helps you build good investing habits and make informed investment choices.

It unravels the complexity of equity investing to make it easier for individual investors to benefit from the India opportunity.

It shows you a straightforward step-by-step approach to build wealth that anyone can use!

With the 1% formula, you can embark on a journey to build a nest egg that takes away your financial anxiety and gives you the freedom to pursue your passion.

If you’ve ever thought of retiring in your 40s to do what you love, this is THE book for you!


I retired at 45. You can too!

Break the golden handcuffs.
Exit the rat race to run a meaningful marathon.
Hi I’m Deepak, a firm believer that you work to live and not live to work. I’m an investment professional who believes that money is just a means to an end and not the final goal itself.

Why do you earn money?
Is it just to add to those numbers in your bank? NO!

The reason you make money is to live the life you desire. Yes, you need money to pay bills and fund emergencies, but there is so much more than that. Money should be able to help you follow your passion, travel the world, to experience life for all it has to offer. But most people are not able to do this. They are held back by their antiquated financial beliefs. Stuck in the vicious cycle of paying bills and EMIs, they never build enough wealth to gain financial freedom.

Don’t let that happen to you!

In my 25+ years as an investment professional, I have discovered the secret to stress-free wealth building. My learnings helped me devise the 1% formula for financial freedom that helped me retire at 45.

And today, I want to share that learning with you! I look forward to your journey to financial freedom.

It’s truly an individual investor’s guide to equity investing. So much punch packed into this gem! It’ll bust all the financial myths you operate under and give you a no-nonsense approach to handling your money.

Rahul Koul

Founder, Zensciences

It’s an easy read, something I didn’t expect from a book on equity investing! Loved the storytelling approach and how Deepak explained every concept in a real-life scenario. This is not just gyaan; it’s totally something you can do.

Gaurav Sood

Founder, Sprng Energy

SimplyMutual has been a wonderfully enlightening read. It has changed my relationship with money. This book has given me a massive confidence boost about investing. It’s super easy to read and understand, even for people who have no background in finance.

Juveria Samrin


I never thought I could read a book on money - let alone understand it, LIKE it, and implement what I learned! SimplyMutual has given me the confidence to invest in equity mutual funds and plan for early retirement!


Health blogger at Aura Art of Healthy Living

You can't find a book that actually makes equity investing sound as easy as SimplyMutual does. I 'm recommending this to everyone I know!

Supriya Jain

Single mom, Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker

How much do you need to invest to
gain financial freedom?

How to use this Calculator:
In the first calculator enter the amount you have available to invest as a lumpsum. Enter the SIP amount you can commit to. Enter the rate of return you expect from the investment and the number of years you can continue this SIP. Then hit calculate. This will tell you the total value of your investment after the specified number of years. This total becomes your lump sum for your next investment stint. Change the SIP amount in the next section and follow the same process.

Salary Pension Corpus Calculator

Stage I

Initial Amount available (lumpsum)

SIP Amount per month

Expected Rate of return %

No of years

Total Corpus After No of Years:

Stage II

Initial Amount available (lumpsum)

SIP Amount per month

Expected Rate of return %

No of years

Total Corpus After No of Years:

Stage III

Initial Amount available (lumpsum)

SIP Amount per month

Expected Rate of return %

No of years

Total Corpus After No of Years:

Total corpus After years:

“The 1% formula that can give you the financial freedom to quit the rat race by 40” Check out Deepak Mullick’s chat with Shivraj Prashad, where he talks about his very own story. Find out how he built his own corpus of funds to be able to retire, travel the world and attain financial freedom!

The Journey of SENSEX

What is holding you back
from building wealth?

Most likely, it’s the way you think about money.

If you haven’t been able to let go of financial stress and anxiety, chances are that you are doing it wrong.
  • Do you save instead of investing?
  • Do you go for fixed return investment options?
  • Do you save or invest as and when you have the money?
  • Do you give in to fear or greed when making investment decisions?
Wealth building is more about mindset than it’s about actual financial acumen. India offers a fantastic growth opportunity for anyone willing to participate in it. All you need to do is break free of the money blocks that are getting in your way and look at investing from a new approach  – the 1% formula.

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