India’s business DNA – Resilient!

India’s business DNA – Resilient!

We get our gene pool from one of the only surviving ancient civilizations. The people of the Indus valley civilization have done business with the Mesopotamian, the Egyptians and the Greek. We have honed our business skills for over 5000 years, having withstood all the challenges that the world has given us. Nature has bred the characteristics of adaptability, enterprise, innovation, humility, and dependability through our ancestors into us. Over the generations, we have survived great threats, evolved, and thrived!

In 1947, after seven and a half centuries of invasions and colonization, India was reduced from the size of the largest economy in the world to a third world dimension. 90% of our population lived below the poverty line. Life expectancy was a mere 27 years, literacy rate was below 17% and the GDP had grown around 0.001% per annum for the last 50 years. All major industries were in tatters. Just 73 years later, today, the literacy rate is 74%, people below poverty line have reduced to a single digit %, the GDP has been growing at the fastest rates and is the 5th largest in the world, and life expectancy is at 69 years

India is resilient!

What seem to be our weaknesses, are actually our biggest strengths

We have never believed in the business of war and it did turn out to be a weakness many a times. Now, even when we have hugely strengthened our defense capabilities, our belief in friendships is our biggest strength!

Our diversity pulls us down sometimes, but we take the best decisions after listening to all voices without suppressing any who dissent

Our population, which was always touted as our biggest problem, is our biggest strength. Our predominantly (1 Billion) young, working age population is the workforce to the entire world

In the global business arena, India stands out with a unique combination of qualities of Capability and Trust. Indians are counted among the owners of the largest multinational conglomerates as much as professionals who are at the helm of affairs of the largest companies in the world. We are the IT hub of the world and the pharmacy to every nation. Quite self-sufficient in agriculture, manufacturing and services capabilities to cater to our 1.3 billion population and striving to cater more and more to the outside world

India will come back very fast!

Stay invested!

Invest more!

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  • Sachin Sahni May 9, 2020 at 4:51 pm

    So very Well expressed. Loved every word written.

    • sm_user May 12, 2020 at 7:08 am

      Thanks for your encouragement Sachin! Cheers!

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