Businesses are thriving, wealth is being created. Are you participating?

Businesses are thriving, wealth is being created. Are you participating? Previous item Aspire to dream, aspire to... Next item Invest in what you understand

While every Indian household may aspire to have a car, less than 10% own one today! Even the most popular item in our lives today – the mobile phone, would not have reached 100% of our households even by 2020. The penetration levels for goods and services across all sectors have a long way to go. With increasing purchasing power with consumers, businesses in India have opportunities to grow substantially

Even during extremely challenging business environments, entrepreneurs in India, with their unique capabilities, have strived to achieve success in their respective industries. Today, more and more Indian companies not only thrive in the local markets but also shine bright in the global arena

Globally competitive Indian businesses continue to create wealth for their shareholders. So much so that periodically, Indian promoters from as diverse industries like pharmaceuticals, construction, software services and consumer products, have added their names to the world’s 100 richest individuals!

You too can participate in this wealth creation opportunity

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  • PARIJAT October 3, 2016 at 8:48 am

    I feel what you are saying is common knowledge. The message which you are emplying is not seen or perhaps not understood. So are we talking about another portfolio management of mutualnfunds?

    I am waiting patiently for the full thing.

    Yours truly

    Regards Parijat

    • sm_user October 15, 2016 at 10:33 am

      Hi Parijat. What I meant to communicate is that there is an opportunity which is visible, but not many are participating in this wealth creation opportunity due the lack of understanding of the vehicles of participation. Sometimes simple things are not easy to follow…
      My investment advisory practice is offline and I will get in touch with you discuss further

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