Be optimistic be wealthy – Part II

While 2020 has shaken the toughest of minds and taken everyone through most uncertain times, we believe that it is time to shun the pessimism and embrace positivity – a necessity, not just for our mental wellbeing but also for our financial health. Three years ago, we had written about the relevance of optimism in … Read more

Looking ahead

The fundamental characteristics of the markets haven’t changed even during the current challenging times. They have followed the principles on which they have always worked on. As individual investors, while we are struggling to envision a life after the pandemic, it is understandably difficult to look beyond purely emotional reasons for making investment decisions. To … Read more

India’s business DNA – Resilient!

We get our gene pool from one of the only surviving ancient civilizations. The people of the Indus valley civilization have done business with the Mesopotamian, the Egyptians and the Greek. We have honed our business skills for over 5000 years, having withstood all the challenges that the world has given us. Nature has bred … Read more

Investments during the crisis

Today, on the 27th of March 2020, as we enter a critical phase of mankind’s deepest crisis, stock markets over the world reflect the uncertainties. Fact is, stock markets never like uncertainties and this time around it is uncertainty personified. As investors, we wonder what we should be doing about our investments – buy, sell, … Read more

Unfixed Deposit

40 Years Fixed deposit Vs Sensex : A yearly rollover in a bank fixed deposit over 40 years would convert Rs.10/- into Rs.377/-, taking an average bank FD Rate of 9.5% over the past 40 years ending March 2019. The sensex, in the same period would convert Rs. 10/- into Rs.3867/-. That’s a difference of … Read more

Think smart, think differently

Rich is a relative term, hence, by definition, very few people can be rich! The most popular money-making ideas and methods may not work after all… Investing in stock markets is a proven avenue to get wealthy, but there is a huge variation in results. One individual, just by investing in stock markets became the … Read more